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Jim studying his dad's Garrard turntable 



Guitar & Bass player with indie songwriter credits, 1994 started internship at a local TV repair shop. Moved onto technician with other shops thru the 90's & 2000's.


Jim King

Sammy's Electronic Service

Please read --We reserve the right to change any of the following at any time

1) Unlike our competition-I run a quality, not quantity  shop, therefore reasonable time is needed for repair.

2) All items are 'carry in' , we do not pick up

3) There will be a non nonnegotiable, non returnable diagnostic bench labor charge due at  time of drop off, this does vary according to item, age, complex nature of engineering, but average is $50.

4)We do not modify guitar amps, while fashionable, this practice many times defeats fail safe parts & puts us at great liability. Honestly the subtle tone change isn't worth the fire/personal/property risk

5) As the years go on, it is becoming harder to source high quality audio tubes, when they arrive we check them on our bench,  if they fail we have to send back & this can slow down turnaround time

6) While tempting, we don't buy replacement parts from Ebay & Amazon. Both are a swamp of counterfeit imports, our reputation is too important-we let our competitors take that chance

Thanks for your business!