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 Unlike competitors, we do not hire fake reviewers , click to play, solicit reviews, work on trade, or any such behavior. 

Personal thank you to the following folks & future clients!

(all names kept private )


- I called Sammy's Electronic Repair in Toms River (NJ) on July 31st and August 01, discover if my older but not frequently used 50 inch Sony TV could be repaired since it was a 2005 model that had been used infrequently during its 13 year life as an electronic.   Jim (the owner) answered the phone and answered my questions. He was so patient and kind. I am not into modern technology and am nearly 77 years of age. I don't even own a cell phone. However, I am very good at reading human beings based on their character.   My read on this businessman on a scale of 01 to 100 -- I would rate his rating at 100. Since I can only rate this business between 1 and 5 it was easy for me to rate him at 5 as my read on this man is that he is someone who can be trusted and that he takes pride in doing a GREAT job while treating his customers in a manner that would make his mom and dad proud of this honest young electronics whiz.  Yes, I highly recommend Sammy's Electronic Repair-

-Does phenomenal high quality work, fixed my audio equipment quickly and for a good price.-

-Jim, just now got around to setting up my amp. It sounds amazing. What I thought would be preventive maintenance has turned into a whole new thing.

Thank you, good job.-

-Sammy's had the problem on my Samsung TV had the problem diagnosed within an hour. James gave me several options, ordered the part and had the TV fixed and ready to go in 48 hrs. Would highly recommend.-

-You're a badass in my humble opinion.-

-Great, knowledgeable service with good pricing. Easy to contact and even easier to visit to repair your devices.-

-I've had Jim work on amps & equipment for my business, excellent performance & recommended-

-Sammy's is a hidden gem (Jimmy is the main person who does repairs). I have been to other repair places. 

He is by far the best one I found in a long time. He returns calls, and kept promise on when the repair was done. 

Also kept me informed on how the process was going.

Most importantly very fair prices.

I gave him an Eclipse competition class level, car audio amplifier to work on which very high end unit ($2,100 originally) it 

has almost all proprietary components internally making it a challenge for anyone. Personally wasn't expecting it to run again

 yet it did! Felt like an early Christmas gift actually hearing it again. (It has been years since I have) -

Vintage Modern
Vintage Modern
We do it all

- ....wanted to thank you for the great job you did on my Pioneer SX-727, working great, thanks for all the time & effort you put into it. -

- He has done numerous units that i treasure. i wouldn't trust anyone else  to work on my priceless equipment. He has a fantastic quality control  and policy on all his work. He's worked on a few of my reel to reel  players that others wouldn't attempt. -

- Every single repair I've  received (23 units to be exact) back, have been thoroughly produced  with perfection. The soldering joints are absolutely perfect. In some  cases, better than the original. Additionally, the best part of all, is  the price. I've actually tipped on top of the price, because i know he  is undercharging what he deserves. I've taken my vintage audio units to  other places, and they've been sitting on the wayside for months. That's  not the case here, especially if you need work done fast. Very  personable, VERY VERY HONEST. I can not stress that enough.  If you're  as passionate with your audiophile as I am, then you've found your  "go-to" guy -

- I've gone to Sammy's several times to have amps and stereo equipment  serviced. He does EXCELLENT and FAST work (same day at times) in his  shop at great prices. No matter what the job Sammy's Electronic Repair  & Sales has you covered.-

-....want to let you know the receiver is great, Thank you again-

-Jim, just wanted to let you know we got the Bose back & they completely rebuilt it-it's working great! Thank you so much! You were right, you're our electronic expert & I'm letting everyone know!-

-Thank you so much for checking on this and calling me back, at least I have more information now.

Thank you for your help-

-I brought my little portable speaker to Sammy's after another place couldn't /wouldn't look at it. Jim did a GREAT job diagnosing the actual problem and fixing it up. Very reasonable, easy to contact, would definitely recommend them!-

-Brought Jim a pair of vintage Klipsch Forte 2 speakers from late 80's in need of repair. He replaced the tweeters and a melted crossover as well as general tlc. Speakers sound great. Jim was a pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend Sammy's.-

-I found Sammy's on the internet as I was looking for someone close by to repair a receiver  and a stereo recorder CD player. I dropped it off to Jimmy who said it would take about a week to repair. What I can tell you is that within 1 week, he had taken care of both problems for me and when I got it home, I couldn't wait to rock and roll with my components  in place! 

It was such a pleasure to be able to turn up the volume without static in the volume knob and be able to use my CD player! He took the time to clean both eye's on the CD player and was pleased with the price!

Would recommend his services to anyone!-

-Nice to see that there good guys out there like James, showing customers the whole truth instead of just handing them an educated guess. 

It helps when people don't know anything or very little about the electronics we all deal with on a daily basis.-